Bleed! Bleed! Bleed!

I finally met the great and almighty guru today:  my perinatologist.  I have to say, he lived up to the hype.  His ultrasound machine was sweet.  I was able to to see the blood flowing to and from the placenta in neat blue and red flashes.  His ultrasound tech was very fun and smiley.  She took the time to explain what parts of the baby she was looking at and she showed me the SCH itself.

It has shrunk!  It’s down to 7cm from 11cm!  Four centimeters gone in two weeks!  That is excellent news.  He said the SCH is located way down by my cervix, so it has plenty of opportunity to bleed out and nothing to obstruct it.  He showed me a small spot in the placenta where, for some reason, it tore a little and created a pool of blood between the layers of the placenta.  The tear resolved itself and the bag of waters is perfectly intact.  He said there’s no more blood flow to it, so it’s not leaching oxygenated blood away from the placenta, so it’s not harming the baby.

Sam is progressing perfectly.  He’s measure 3 days ahead.  His brain is developing fine, but there’s a tiny cyst in one hemisphere.  The doctor said that it’s perfectly normal and there are no genetic abnormalities which would make him want to look at it further.  He said as the brain grows, the cyst will go away, but at my next appointment he’ll check up on it again.

He said he suspects it might bleed itself out or become reabsorbed by my body.  He said it could also stick around and just become a clot in the placenta, but it’s in a very favorable position to bleed itself out.  AND! he said I have a good chance of going all the way to term!

I’m so relieved.  I know I still have a larger than normal risk of preterm labor and placental abruption with the size of the SCH alone, but it’s still nice to hear someone have confidence in my ability to make it all the way with this baby.  My next appointment with my regular midwife is Monday and I go see the perinatologist again at the end of February.  I may or may not have to go back after that, but I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that the SCH will be GONE!

Sam at 20 weeks, 3 days

Sam at 20 weeks, 3 days